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Occasionally we have Puppies available, both smooth and long coats. Please give us a call.


~~  Puppies for Adoption  ~~



Cookie's pups were born 05/17/2017.  El Niņo is the sire.

Shown is Cookie's long coat male.



Queen's pups were born 05/20/2017.  Ranson is the sire.

 Shown is Queen's black long coat female.



Mercy's pups were born 05/23/2017.  Buddy is the sire.

Shown is Mercy's smooth coat female.








~~  Adults for Adoption  ~~


Madison was born 05/19/2010 and weighs 4.25 pounds.


Honey was born 03/23/2016.  She currently weighs 3.25 pounds.


Molly was born 12/11/2010.  She has been spayed and weighs 5 pounds.




~~  Sires  ~~

(Not for Sale)








~~  Dams  ~~

(Not for Sale)






~~  Past Puppies  ~~

(These little pups have been adopted)









~~  In Memory  ~~

These sweet babies are no longer with us, but they are lovingly remembered.







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