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~ Dogwood Hills Purchase Plan ~

If you see a donkey you like be sure to send a 30% deposit.  The remaining 70% is payable

in cash before the donkey leaves our farm.  We have had too many broken promises in the

past.  Should you change your mind the deposit is refundable up to seven days.  After that

time deposits will be applied to a future purchase.  All donkeys are sold with a negative

coggins test and Kentucky Health Certificate paid for by the buyer.  If a Vet farm visit is necessary

it is paid for by the buyer also.  A farm health record of deworming & shots, paper work for

the American Donkey and Mule Society, and a halter & lead rope is supplied by the seller. 


First Prize

Name Dogwood Hills First Prize
DOB 09/07/2017  Birth height ~ 19.5"
Sire Sunset Acres Sir Prize ~ 31.5"  Black NLP
Dam Short & Sweet Miss Behavin' ~ 31.75"  Black w/cross
Description Little Prize takes the prize.  He is black, healthy, and imprinted.  He is the first day old foal that was so difficult to photograph because he was not still a second.  His pedigree includes Black Russian, Little Motown, Russian Czar, B. J. Black Beauty, Rockbridge Maracas, and many more well known donkeys.  First Prize will be available when weaned in April.
Price   $1200



Name H. R. Victoria
DOB 08/11/2003     32.75"
Sire Stoney Acres Salem   ~ Black NLP  33"
Dam E. A. Santina   ~ Brown/Gray-dun   32.25"
Description Victoria is a good example of the excellent stock produced by Horseshoe Ranch in Missouri.  She is correct in her mouth and legs with a good top line.  Her background includes Salem, Future Link, Dodge City Jack of Spades, Circle C Audi, Red Lightning, and Little Motown among other well known donkeys.  She is gentle and a good producer of outstanding foals.
Price  $1800



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