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Black Onyx

Name Dogwood Hills Black Onyx
DOB 05/14/2015      28" tall
Sire TTW Cowboy's Kalamazoo  ~ 30 5/8"  Black/White Spot
Dam Merry-Go-Round's Roxanna  ~ 33"  Black
Description Onyx is a good example of Marlene Clark's donkeys.  He was born in Michigan and came to Dogwood Hills at his dam's side.  He will make a wonderful black sire.  He is gentle and tame, correct in his legs and mouth with good width in the front and rear.  He is micro chipped and registered by American Donkey and Mule Society.  His full pedigree includes not only Merry-Go-Round stock but also Windcrest, Short Assets, Arrow Creek, TTW, B.J.'s, and Cobra's.  Watch for some of his offspring in 2018.


Sergeant Major

Picture by Mary Ebersole

Name Cedar Creek Sergeant Major
DOB 07/08/2016  birth height 20.5"
Sire Cedar Creek Sergeant Pepper  ~ 29"  Black/White
Dam Copper Star Maleficient Dawn ~ 32"  Black
Description Sergeant Major is a sturdy young, black and white jack.  He will join Dogwood Hills Farm in December and will be a junior herd sire.  Hopefully his fancy black and white spots will continue in his offspring starting in 2019.  Thank you Mary Ebersole for this fine young jack. 


Summer Hawk   


Name Dogwood Hills Summer Hawk
DOB 06/09/2012    29.75" 
Sire Hollyoak's Doctor Tyler ~   28.5"  Dark Brown Spotted
Dam Dogwood Hills Chantilly Lace  ~  31"  Frosted Spotted White
Description This fellow sure has herd sire potential.   His background includes Spotted Russian, Black Russian, Doctors Chaboom & Donovan, Texas Red, Red Lightning, Little Motown, Valentino 58, and many more well-known donkeys.  He is correct in his legs and mouth.  



Name Dogwood Hills He's My Buddy
DOB 04/21/2017  Birth height ~ 19"
Sire Sunset Acres Sir Prize ~ 31.5"  Black NLP
Dam Dogwood Hills Chantilly Lace ~ 31"  White (FSW)
Description Little Buddy is coal black and only 19" tall.  This little guy with his size, color, and  great conformation should make a fine herd sire.  His pedigree includes Black Russian, Doctor Chaboom, Texas Red, Little Motown, Circle C Ebony, and Red Lightening.  A grand dam was Lazy H Donkette Korral Anthonite, a donkey that carried the ivory gene.  This little fellow could throw blacks, reds, black/white spots, or ivory.



(For Reference Only)

Name C & L Derby's Sugarfoot
DOB 05/20/2009       29.75" tall
Sire Schrater's Derby Bar Two ~ 32.5"  Red
Dam C & L Flaming Star ~ 32.75"  Red
Description This little fellow has it all, size, conformation, color, and gentle as a lamb.  He is 29.75" tall with straight legs, good top line, and good bite.  He is gentle with his ladies and a perfect little herd sire.  Sold ~ Now in Texas


Sir Prize

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Name Sunset Acres Sir Prize
DOB 01/07/2002       31.5" tall
Sire Circle C Black Russian  ~  31"  Black w/cross NLP
Dam Sunset Acres Zelda  ~ 32"  Black w/cross NLP
Description Sir Prize is all you could ask for in a jack.  He is gentle as a lamb, responds when called, is wide in the rear as well as the front, correct in his bite, and has good color.  His background includes Red Lightening, Circle C Ebony, Little Motown, and other well-known donkeys.  Thanks to Bill and Sue Hill for allowing Sir to come to Dogwood Hills.  We are looking forward to his foals.  Sir has been sold and joining a herd in Tennessee.


Doctor Tyler

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Name Hollyoak's Doctor Tyler
DOB 05/26/2009        28.5" tall
Sire EA Doctor Donovan  ~ 28.5"   Black
Dam Hollyoak's My Little Dottie  ~ 30.5"  Dark Gray/White
Description This little fellow is the son of Doctor Donovan listed below and the grandson of Doctor Chaboom, both black herd sires.  Coupled with his small size and the small size of his sire and dam, he should make an outstanding herd sire in his own right.  He will mature small.  We look forward to seeing his foals arriving in 2012.  Sold and living in Marshall County, Kentucky



(For Reference Only)

Name B.J. Houston
DOB 08/01/2007  30"
Sire B.J. Spot On and On  ~ 30.75"  Gray and White Spotted
Dam B.J. Dolley   ~ 31"  Gray
Description Houston is built like a tank, straight/stocky legs, great top line, wide in the front and rear.  His bite is tooth on tooth.  His lineage includes D.K. Jack Daniels, The Fireman, McLendon's Magnum 45, and Rad Reniker just to name a few.  His foals are built just as nice as he is.  This little fellow is an asset to our ivory herd.  Sold & making his home in Tennessee.



(For Reference Only)

Name Dogwood Hills Smokin' Bandit
DOB 09/05/2006  31.75"
Sire Windy Ass Acres Hesmy Buddy  ~ 30"  Black/White Spotted NLP
Dam Dogwood Hills Cocoa  ~  34"  Dark Brown
Description We welcome Bandit back home after his stay at Spirit Hill Farm.  Bandit's conformation is perfect, good bite and very drafty, straight legs.  Add that to his gentle behavior and dark color and you have a GREAT little jack.  His background goes back to Black Russian and other well-known donkeys.  He can sire black, brown, and may also sire blue eyed ivory.   Bandit is now at Cabinwood Farm in northern Ohio.  Look for his foals there in 2012.



(For Reference Only)

Name RJR's Marshmallow Latte'
DOB 10/04/2005  30"
Sire RJR's Cold Blizzard ~ Ivory with blue eyes
Dam RJR's Snow Flower ~ Ivory with blue eyes
Description Latte' is a spotted ivory with blue eyes.  He has a great conformation, straight top line, and even bite.  We are seeing great things from this little jack.  He has sired several little spotted ivory foals.  He has been sold and is now in Ontario.



(For Reference Only)

Name MJB Circle C Valentino In Black
DOB 08/24/2002  Height 31.5"
Sire MGF Future Link ~ 32" Black w/cross & star
Grand Sire Dodge City Miniatures Jack Of Spades ~31.5" Black NLP
Grand Dam MGF Venus Giselle 27 ~ 33" Brown/gray-dun
Dam MGF Venus Doublevay II ~ 33" Black NLP
Grand Sire Circle C Black Russian ~ 30"  Black NLP
Grand Dam MGF Venus Doublevay 506 ~ 32" Brown
Description Valentino is a true black with NLP and no stripe.  He has great conformation, straight top line, and a round rear end.  He can be pastured with young foals and is a gentle breeder.  Also in his background are Circle C Little Motown, SS Red Lightning, and Circle C Ebony He remains in Kentucky.



(For Reference Only)

Name Merry-Go-Round's Firebug
DOB 08/07/1998
Sire Sunset Acres Rustico ~ 33" Red
Grand Sire The Fireman ~ 32.5" Dark Red
Grand Dam Sunset Acres Sadie ~ Brown
Dam Merry-Go-Round's Prudence ~ 31.5" Red
Grand Sire LCR Valintino 75 (Red Baron) ~ 34" Dark Red
Grand Dam Merry-Go-Round's Lenore ~ 32.75" Red
Description  31.25" He is very dark red and correct.  His hind legs and top line are straight and his bite is tooth-on-tooth.  He is gentle with his ladies and can be pastured with young foals.  Also in his background are Valintino 49 and Valintino 50.  He is now in Georgia.


Buttered Popcorn

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Name Lower Forty Farm's Buttered Popcorn
DOB 05/27/2005   Height 32"
Sire Short ASSets Bentley ~ 31.75"  Gray & White Spotted
Dam JAMS Sweet Prissy ~ 34"  Very Dark Brown
Description Popcorn is a spotted, blue eyed ivory.  He is a very well conformed little guy, correct in bite and legs.  He is an excellent addition to our herd of blue eyed donkeys.  Look for some of his foals in 2009.  Now in California.


Hesmy Buddy

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NameWindy Ass Acres Hesmy Buddy
DOB05/17/03  28.5"
Sire Circle C Black Russian ~ 31" Black NLP
DamLazy H Donkette Korral Anthonite ~ 32 1/4 Gray/White Spotted
Description Black and White Spotted with NLP.  Now in California.


(For Reference Only)

Name Dogwood Hills Liberty
DOB 07/04/04 ~ 19.75" at birth
Sire EA Doctor Donovan ~ 28.5" Black
Dam DWA Catania 30" ~ Gray with black nose
Description Black ~ w/o stripe or light points.  He is now at home in Montana.


Doctor Donovan

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Name E.A. Doctor Donovan
DOB 10/09/2001 ~ 28.5"
Sire E.A. Doctor Chaboom ~ 32" Black NLP
Dam E.A. Milan ~ 29.5" Gray-dun
Description  He is correct in legs and bite, a true black without stripe.  Donovan is now in Texas. 


(For Reference Only)

Name Ozark Napoleon
DOB 08/08/2000     31.5"
Sire Cobra's Chico ~ 31.5"  Brown Spotted
Dam Lazy N Neda ~ 31.25"  Gray Dun
Description  This little jack has it all - great conformation, gentle, and loving.  He is good with his jennets and safe with young foals.  He is now in Hersey, Michigan.



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